Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Kejriwal's challenge to Prime Minister Modi

(political satire)

Arvind Kejriwal and his ministers on dharana in the house of the LG of Delhi. 
Kejriwal has created a world record.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at work

 After detoxification of his body in a Bengaluru institute of naturopathy (detoxification of his mind is beyond anyone’s capacity), Arvind Kejriwal is bubbling with energy to challenge the whole world to achieve his mission. In his enthusiasm, he has thrown a few challenges to his self-declared ‘arch rival’ Narendra Modi. I am reproducing the letter he has written to the Prime Minister.

Dear Modiji,

Hope, this finds you in a mood to go bear with me for a few minutes.

You have worked as Chief Minister of Gujarat for little less than 13 years and have been Prime Minister of India for a little over four years. People are still wondering what you have achieved during these 17 years.

Yet you are touring the whole of India and go on frequent foreign jaunts at taxpayers’ cost for self-propaganda. Everywhere, you pat your own back and your blind followers cheer you.

I have been working as Chief Minister of Delhi, capital of the largest democracy of the world, for over three years. (I do not count my first stint as Chief Minister 49 days, a period of experiment.) During this short period, I have done so much work for the people of Delhi that they cannot even count. The whole world knows that I am the best and most popular Chief Minister the country has ever seen but unlike you, I never pat my own back.  The whole world knows that I am a very modest person. Unlike you, I never indulge in self-praise. People shower praises on me for my achievements.

 Despite all the compliments your blind followers pay to you, I do not consider you a leader. You have not yet proved yourself so that I can consider you a leader.

To gain cheap popularity, you are throwing challenges of fitness to all sorts of people who out of modesty do not retaliate.

Modiji, if you want to prove that you are a true leader who has the qualities to be even Chief Minister of Delhi, what to talk of the Primeministership of a country like India, I invite you to meet at least one of the challenges.

Challenge No. 1

Sit on dharana for at least 24 hours in the house of the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi or in Rashtrapati Bhawan. I don’t expect you to break the world record I have created.

Challenge No. 2

Invite the Cabinet Secretary for a late-night meeting with your MPs and Ministers and have him thrashed. Separately, I am advising the Cabinet Secretary to take care of his security.

Challenge No. 3

Give at least one public speech in which you describe the ‘qualities’ in me which I have discovered in you such as ‘corrupt’, ‘liar’.

Challenge No. 4

Spend at least one day without doing any work. For your information, I spend several days without doing any work.

Challenge No. 5

See one movie in a cinema hall. For your information, I often go with my family and friends to watch movies. It is so refreshing. It gives me fresh energy to serve the people.

If you are able to meet at least one challenge, I will consider challenging you in the next general election.

I would be eagerly waiting for your response.

With best wishes

Yours truly

Arvind Kejriwal

Chief Minister of Delhi

Shri narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India


Alvind Kejriwal has a personal grudge against Cabinet Secretary because the latter is above him in the Warrant of Precedence. In the Warrant of Precedence, Delhi Chief Minister is  bracketed with Union Deputy Minister.

Devendra Narain