Sunday, 27 May 2018

What is wrong with we Indians?

     A semi-educated girl came from Italy and became supreme leader of India's oldest political party. Her only qualification is her marriage to Rajeev Gandhi whose only qualification was that he was son of Indira Gandhi who entered politics only because she was daughter of Jawharlal Nehru who became first Prime Minister of India because Mahatma Gandhi whom people called Bapu preferred him over Sardar Patel who was the choice of 15 out of 18 Provincial Congress Committees in 1946. For 10 years she controlled the Government of India through her loyal nominee Dr. manmohan Singh and we proudly call ourselves the world's largest democracy!

        In December 2017, she handed over the post of Congress President to her incompetent son and almost all party members enthusiastically accepted her decision.

       She is so arrogant that she thinks only she and her son can save India from 'bad' people! She behaves as if only she and her son have right to rule over India. She and her coterie have made her son also arrogant.

      Now her sole aim  is to make her son Prime Minister of India! The son who has made himself a laughing stock, has proudly declared that he is available for the post of  Prime Minister in 2019!

       Still, millions of us vote for the Congress Party!

      Our problem is very old. Alexander attacked us and subjugated several Indian kings but many historians describe him as "Alexander the Great"!

                                                                                              Devendra Narain

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