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‘Prisoners of War’ in 21st-century in India

‘Prisoners of War’ in 21st-century in India

In India, political parties are perennially engaged in political wars to get control of political, caste and religious groups. In these wars, the main fear is disloyalty of own soldiers who may defect to the other side for better prospects. Here ‘killing’ means ‘poaching’. When a political party apprehends that its opponent will poach its elected representatives ahead of a crucial voting – e.g. for floor test to ascertain which party or coalition has majority or when members of the upper house are to be elected – it makes its own elected representatives ‘Prisoners of War’.

The ‘Prisoners of War’ are transported to a secret sanctuary

                    By plane                                or                                     by buses


The sanctuary may be a luxurious resort or hotel where they enjoy


Fresh air                                 and                                           delicious food



Not allowed to escape

They are released only

After a decisive victory or defeat

                                                                                                                             Devendra Narain