Sunday, 29 April 2018

Prime Minister Modi should hold regular press conference

I consider Narendra Modi the best Prime Minister India ever had. He has taken several initiatives which no Prime Minister had thought earlier. He sincerely wants to transform India. Today, he is the best political leader, statesman, and orator in the country. He is admired in every country he has visited. No other Prime Minister of India received so much respect in foreign countries.

However, everyone has some weakness. One of the biggest weaknesses of Prime Minister Modi is that he does not hold regular press conference in the country. Through his radio programme ‘Man ki Baat’ he has been sharing his views with the people but he speaks on the issues of his preference. Moreover, it is losing its sheen.

Recently, in London Prime Minister Modi answered several questions with supreme confidence before thousands of persons. The people of India want such question-answer sessions here in our own country. The people of India want his direct response to their problems which is possible only through regular press conference.

It would be in the interest of the Prime Minister, the BJP and the country if the Prime Minister holds fortnightly press conference. Some questions during any press conference may be uncomfortable but in a democracy it is always better to know the pulse of the people and convince them that the government they have elected is working in the interest and their Prime Minister is very much aware of their problems and dissatisfactions and is doing his best to improve their lot.

Prime Mister Modi's  fortnightly press conference will be most eagerly awaited event of the fortnight and will get wide publicity throughout country.

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Devendra Narain
April 30, 2018

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