Sunday, 8 April 2018

I am also fasting todayI

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On Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhiji’s frail shoulders rests the responsibility of saving the glorious tradition of Gandhi the Mahatma, Jawarharlal Nehru and Dr Ambedkar, secularism, communal harmony, interests of scheduled castes and tribes and all the weaker sections of the society from the assaults of BJP and Narendra Modi. To give company to the Congress leaders who are fasting today for six hours at the Rajghat, Shri Rahulji will also observe fast for two hours.

In support of Rahulji, I am also fasting today for four hours, from 10.00 AM (when I finished my breakfast) to 2 .00 PM when I will go to the dining table for lunch.

Since TV channels and print media will not know about my contribution (I am fasting in my flat), I am posting the news of my fast on social media.

Devendra Narain
April 09, 2018
(11.25 AM)


Most people are Rahul 'Gandhian', observing fast between two meals.