Monday, 6 November 2017

Prime Minister Modi should should throw them out.

                                                             Jayant Sinha

Prime Minister Modi should should throw them out.

One  of the 714 Indians named in the Paradise Papers is a minister in the Modi Government. He is Jayant Sinha, son of former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha.

BJP MP R. K. Sinha is also included in the list

One interpretation in a section of media is that their names have been leaked out to embarrass Prime Minister Modi.

Prime Minister Modi may feel embarrassed because of the names of his minister and BJP MP but he cannot be held accountable for their sins. Most likely, these two worthies carried out their alleged illegal financial activities prior to NDA coming to power, though the actual facts would be known only after investigations.

To save his reputation and the reputation of his government, Prime Minister should immediately sack the  minister and suspend  Minister and MP from the BJP. Let them take rest during the period of investigation.

Just before the last Cabinet reshuffle, Modi had shown the door to a Minister for State who was under surveillance because of his illegal financial activities. Though the name of the Minister was never made public, off the record the people who claimed to know identified the Minister and justified action taken against him.

Like Caesar’s wife, public figures must be above suspicion. Prime Minister Modi can ill afford to have suspicious characters in this ministry.

                                                                                                    November 7, 2017

The Modi government is defending Jayant Sinha. Perhaps, the Prime Minister has accepted Sinha's explanation.