Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Attention sympathisers of Rohingya refugees!

All those pseudo-secularists and rank communalists whose hearts are bleeding for the Rohingya refugees must read Kanwal Sibal’s article “Don’t join Hypocrites in condemning Myanmar” in The Economic Times of September 13, 2017. (Kanwal Sibal is an expert on diplomatic and strategic issues and writes regularly in newspapers.)

Some excerpts from his article:

“We should not fritter away our strategic stakes in Myanmar by joining a selective hypercritical chorus on humanitarian issues by those who prefer to agitate only such as are low-cost for them.”

“The ease with which the perceived maltreatment of Muslims anywhere mobilises the community in distant geographies, even violently, explains why pan- Islamism makes the full integration of Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries difficult.”

“India has let the issue of 20 million plus Bangladeshi illegal migrants in India lie dormant, though the fact that 40,000 Rohingyas have moved to India should be reason for India to seriously address the porosity of our of our border with Bangladesh.”

“Astonishingly, the Rohingyas by the thousands had settled down in J & K where the Muslims fearlessly oppose the settlement of Hindu refugees as a conspiracy to bring about demographic change.”

“The Rohingya issue is thorny for us and glib talk about India’s historical vocation to accept refugees from everywhere is altogether vaporous.”

(I would like to add that the pseudo-secularists and rank communalists of India have overlooked the fact that the  majority community of Kashmir brutally through out lakhs of pundits from their homeland but has no objection to the settlement of Rohingya refugees in the Jammu region. About 20,000 Rohingya refugees could not have settled in the Jammu region without political and logistic supports.)

Devendra Narain
September 13, 2017