Monday, 29 May 2017

Unwritten, unholy alliance between India and Pakistan

  Beneficiaries of  unwritten, unholy alliance between India and Pakistan

You will not believe me if I tell you that there is an ‘unwritten, unholy alliance’ between India and Pakistan. You will be more shocked if I tell you that it has been there for a long time. 

Hold your breath for more shock. The alliance is for the benefit of only Pakistan at the cost of India. The unique feature of the alliance is that it was not sealed after negotiations between two parties. Both the parties acted unilaterally, suo motto, but the end result was serving a common cause. 

I am sure you will agree with me if I disclose the details. Quite likely, your response will be ‘Oh! I know it.’ You may know it because the ‘clauses’ of the alliance have appeared in media in bits and pieces. By piecing together these bits and pieces, I have been able to get a complete picture

Initiative was taken by Pakistan with the objective of creating trouble in Jammu & Kashmir through its army, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), terrorist organisations like LeT operating from Pakistan, terrorists operating from Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK) and separatist  groups living comfortably in Kashmir. It has been known for a long time that the separatist groups like All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) receive funds from Pakistani sources for fomenting violence in Jammu & Kashmir. Recently, several top separatists have been caught on camera confessing to receiving funds from across the border. At long last, the National Investigating Agency (NIA) of India has booked the members of the Hurriyat for allegedly receiving funds from Pakistani sources for fomenting violence Jammu & Kashmir.

The separatists use the Pakistani fund to provide supports to the terrorists, local as well as those coming from across the border, and to hire unemployed youth to form brigade of stone-pelters to prevent the security forces from doing their duty.

However, funding the separatists and sending terrorists  to India cannot be very effective unless the agents of Pakistan known as ‘separatists’ have the facilities to operate from their safe havens. That facility is provided by the Indian to complete the ‘unholy alliance’. Providing security to separatists who are spearheading insurgency in Jammu & Kashmir is nothing less than India being party to an “unholy’ alliance with Pakistan.

The Government of India spends taxpayers’ hard earned money to provide security cover to these separatists. The present Modi government has inherited the obligation from its predecessor and finds it difficult to withdraw. Last year when the Modi Government disclosed its intention to annul its part of ‘unholy alliance’ i.e. to  withdraw security cover provided to the key Hurriyat leaders, all hell broke loose. The opposition politicians started beating their chests as if the Government had announced death sentence for the separatists. How can the Government of India take  such a step?  After all, India is the world’s largest democracy and it has large number of politicians and so called civil society groups whose main business is protection of what they call ‘secularism’ and ‘liberalism’. These politicians and those who are in the business of ‘protection of human rights’ lose their sleep whenever there is news or even talk of tough action against anti-national forces.

These politicians know that without security provided by the government, the separatists, however rich they may be, will find it difficult to operate. Since these politicians are fast losing public support and have nothing positive to contribute, they have a vested interest in unrest. Unrest gives them opportunity to attack the government for its ‘failures’ and to remain in public memory. Otherwise there is every chance that the people will forget them. The separatists in Kashmir and opposition leaders in Kashmir and rest of India need each other for survival.

In short, if for undemocratic  Pakistan support to separatists is  a matter of state politics, for democratic India, providing security to those fellows is a political compulsion; at least so it appears. The unholy alliance remains intact with disastrous consequences.  

There is no taker of Minister of State and former Army Chief Gen VK Singh’s suggestion that people like Geelani should not be allowed to live in relative comfort while under house arrest and that the Hurriyat conference be declared a terrorist organisation and the separatist leaders put behind bar under the Public Safety Act of Jammu & Kashmir.  

Devendra Narain
May 29, 2017

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