Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Serious violation of human rights by Indigo

Shocking experience of a passenger stuck in Indigo flight for more than 3 hours in Jaipur. Received a short while ago. Please share with your friends and circulate it widely. (Originally posted at 22:57, May 3, 2017)

Prriti Narain, a passenger stuck in Indigo flight at Jaipur sent the following message from the plane.

#indigo airline has really lost the plot. Stuck inside the aircraft in jaipur for last 3 hours almost on flight 9E3813. They keep announcing weather in delhi is bad!! We all know weather in delhi is fine. There is no food ( only dry nuts handed out 2 hour ago to paying passengers ) toilets are chocked. When asked about deplaning some junior security officer gave a long cock and Bill story of saying if you deplane then you need to sit in our office till this flight lands in delhi and you have to buy another ticket and alps pay a 5000 fine! Amused I asked for the rule book and the passenger rights! He went to get his supervisor - he vanished an hour and half ago... Then another indigo "cockpit crew" was asked same questions he also vanished an hour ago saying that I will get snacks. One ex Cm was deplaned. I am sure he isn't held hostage in indigo office.

Google is showing an update that the flight took off at 845 Pm !!

Wondering where all the so called success stories of indigo come from.
Ridiculous service, ridiculous staff. #neverflyindigo

Devendra Narain's comment: What Indigo did was a serious violation of human right. Large number of passengers including elderly people, children and women were forced to remain seated in a plane without food, water and toilet facilities. (toilets were chocked.) National Human Rights Commission should take suo motto notice of the incident.