Tuesday, 8 November 2016

An appeal to Madam Sonia Gandhi for one more supreme sacrifice

(Beyond satire)

Dear Madam,

Please excuse the undersigned, a very common Indian (not one of the ‘Aam Aadmis’ made special by a former ‘Aam Aadmi’),  for his audacity to make an open appeal to you. This very common man of India mustered courage to make this appeal after hearing on TV channels yesterday that the group of the wise men of your party, popularly known as the Congress Working Committee (CWC, for short) have requested Shri Rahul Gandhiji to kindly agree to become the next President the oldest political party of the country and have requested you to fulfil their desire. The great news, the people have been waiting for, has been confirmed by today’s newspapers. (Some newspapers have reported that the CWC has nominated Shri Rahul Gandhiji to the top post of the Congress. In the humble view of yours truly, the newspapers have misinterpreted ‘request’ as ‘nomination’. The wise men of your party can only make requests. They have no business to take decisions. After all, whatever the party is today, it is entirely yours.)

Madam, the whole world knows that you have never cared for power and position.  More than 12 years back, when the post of the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy was offered to you on a silver platter, very graciously you declined that offer and made Dr Manmohan Singh, widely acclaimed for his humility and erudition, prime minister. The nation saluted you for your supreme sacrifice. True to his humble nature, Dr Singh behaved more like your prime minister than as Prime Minister of the country. Unfortunately, he failed to keep the seat warm enough for Shri Rahulji. Anyway, your supreme sacrifice will be recorded in golden letters in the history of democracy in the world.

Perhaps, the wise men of your party have made this request because you have got tired. You have been carrying on heavy burden for a long time.  (Pardon me if I am wrong. I have heard rumours about your health.) They think, it is time for you to hand over the reins to your mature and worthy son and retire. You are not like Queen Elizabeth II who even at the age of 90 considers her 67 year old son  a ‘baby’ and cannot afford to retire. May be, the wise men are also worried about their own future.   

Whatever the reason, fate has given you one more opportunity to make one more supreme sacrifice, sacrifice of the post of Congress President. Everyone knows that Shri Rahulji is the most suitable choice to succeed you. Not just the wise men of your party, not just the rank-and-file of your party, you too consider him the best choice. Time and again you have expressed your supreme confidence in his leadership. The learned Doctor also believes that Shri Rahul Gandhiji has all the qualities of a great leader. Before the last general election he had cautioned the nation that Narendra Modi as India’s Prime Minister would be a great disaster while Shri Rahul Gandhiji had all the qualities of a great leader.

Very true. The entire nation knows, in fact the whole world knows, that Shri Rahul Gandhiji is ideally suited for the historical role as your worthy successor. By completing the mission he is going to be assigned, he will do a great service to the nation and to the cause of democracy.

 After Shri Rahul Gandhiji is crowned, you can play the role of Queen Mother and give your blessings to Shri Rahulji and his team.

Madam, while there is no doubt that Shri Rahulji alone is sufficient to complete the task, yours truly humbly requests you to consider providing him support of Smt. Priyanka Vadra, Shri Robert Vadra, Miss Miraya Vadra and Master Raihan Vadra. Smt. Priyanka Vadra should please be made Vice President of the party. Shri Robert Vadra is ideally suited for the post of party treasurer and caretaker of all the real estate of the party. Miss Miraya Vadra and Master Raihan Vadra should be made party General Secretaries to lead the youth to the cherished goal.  They may be young but being from the royal family, they have in-born leadership qualities which most of the grown-up men and women of this country do not have. If needed, Diggi Uncle is always there to guide them.

Some misguided people are suggesting that it is high time for Shri Rahulji to retire from politics, get married and settle for private family life. The undersigned begs to differ. Shri Rahulji is no ordinary mortal. A man in whose veins blue blood of the most powerful family of the country flows is not meant for life of an ordinary man. For him, the party and the nation come before mundane things like marriage and family. Moreover, the task he is destined to carry out to its logical end requires full-time devotion. Once he has completed the historical mission for which he is going to become the Congress President, he can get married and raise his family. Free from botheration of politics, he will be able to devote full-time to his family. He does not have to worry about money to lead a decent life. That has already been taken care of. The National Herald is only one of the assets gifted to him for his well deserved comfortable life.

Madam, the entire nation is waiting with bated breath for your kind approval. Your this sacrifice too will be recorded in the history of democracy in golden words. So will be the historical role played by Shri Rahul Gandhiji in fulfilling the desire of Mahatma Gandhi who spoke for the masses. In fact, the entire Gandhi family would be considered true follower of the Mahatma. All of them have been doing their best to fulfil the Mahatma’s wish about the Congress Party in independent India. By taking over the command of the party, Shri Rahulji will complete the mission. Yours truly is sure the Mahatma would shower his blessings on your Gandhi family from his heavenly abode for giving him peace for which he has been waiting since independence.

                               In the footsteps of the Mahatma

The undersigned sincerely believes that his appeal to you has nationwide support.

Yours truly

Devendra Narain
November 09, 2016