Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A failed state there, a bunch of failed politicians here

A failed state there and a bunch of failed politicians here

Two problems, one solution

 Kejriwal has become Pakistan media's favourite:

Kejriwal challenges Modi over claim of 'surgical strike' -- Duniya

 Delhi CM 'questions' authenticity of India's 'surgical strikes' in Pakistan -- The Express Tribune

 Kejriwal asks Modi to prove India carried out 'surgical strikes' -- Geo TV

When the departure of the British rulers from India looked imminent, communal Muslim leaders started pressing for Pakistan which, they promised, would give to the Muslims a land of their own where they would be able to live in peace and prosper. Unfortunately for those who opted for Pakistan, their leaders did not know how to govern and what to do for economic prosperity. Efforts to improve economy of Pakistan were put on the backburner. The leaders of Pakistan showed more interest in nurturing hatred for India and Hindus and in capturing extra land, known as Kashmir. Unfortunately, America was readily available to give military and economic aid to such a country.  With the passage of time, obsession with Kashmir became more intense and the best excuse to divert attention of the people and earn sympathy of the world as victim. It provided and continues to provide fodder to all those who were and are hankering for political power in Pakistan. It seems, taking up the cause of Kashmir is sufficient to make a Pakistani somebody who matters in politics. Today Pakistan economy is in a bad shape but the ‘hate India’ and ‘we will capture whole of Kashmir’ have become the biggest industry.

On the other hand, after several ups and downs India has left the ‘Hindu rate of growth’ far behind and is well on the road to economic prosperity, a fact recognised worldwide. Unfortunately, in India, for a very large number of people, politics has become the most lucrative profession. Anyone, whether he/she is educated or not, whether he/she is rich or poor, can enter this profession provided he/she is a good orator and clever enough to identify and mobilise support of dissatisfied sections of the society. Dissatisfaction is everywhere because there is no dearth of reasons. Not just the socially and economically backward classes and Dalits, not just those belonging to a particular caste or community, even relatively better off middle-class people can also be dissatisfied with the performance of the government of the day. They all provide fodder to ambitious politicians. Muscle power is yet another route to political power.  There is no need to mention names of politicians who adopted one or more of these routes.

Politics being a highly competitive profession, most of those who succeed in capturing power, find it extremely difficult to maintain the hold, partly because of lack of ability to govern and fulfil promises and partly because of their inner contradictions.

Today, if for our failed neighbour, defaming India in the name of ‘protecting’  Kashmir and fomenting trouble in Kashmir and elsewhere in India  is the main activity, for our failed politicians, attacking and opposing Prime Minister Narendra Modi,  on one pretext or the other, seems to be the only way to remain relevant.

 Just look at what some of these failed politicians have been saying after the ‘surgical strike’ in the Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK).

“Pakistan is spreading the propaganda and international media is running this that surgical strikes did not take place. I had only appeal to the PM that a befitting reply should be given to Pakistan.” Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s explanation which is difficult to digest.

Arvind Kejriwal dethroned Congress and defeated BJP because the people took him at his face value and accepted his claim that he was different from other politicians and had entered politics to remove corruption from within. The electoral successes in Delhi gave him a larger than life image and he started believing that he was the most popular leader and he alone could take on Modi. But he failed in the task given by the people of Delhi. He failed to govern because he has no capacity to govern. Today his main job is to blame Prime Minister Modi and Lt. Governor Jung for everything, from mosquito menace in Delhi to his failure to set up Jan Lokpal. After some flip-flops, he reluctantly ‘saluted’ Modi for ‘surgical operation’ in PoK but soon realised that by doing so he was making himself irrelevant and deviating from main his goal: to dethrone Modi. He challenged Modi to give proof of ‘surgical operation’ on the ground that Pakistan did not accept the claims of the Indian government and generals. Not satisfied with that, he allowed his drum beaters to supplement his efforts.

Going by Kejriwal’s record I would say that even if complete proof is produced before him, he would not change his stand. Do the readers remember how Kejriwal had questioned the genuineness of Prime Minister’s educational qualification? Even after the Delhi University produced documentary proof, he refused to accept that. I have written in the past and I am repeating here that he reminds me of a man in my village who was the self-proclaimed “wisest” man not just in our village but in the entire region, if not in the country. Once he declared that if anybody could prove that 2+2 was equal to 4, he would give that person his entire property. His nervous wife cautioned him: ‘Even a child can prove that.’ The “wisest” was ready with reply: ‘So what? I will never accept that. After all, I am the wisest man.’

Then we have failed and irrelevant politicians like P. Chidambaram, Digvijay Singh and Sanjay Nirupam.

“UPA did PoK strikes too, but it is up to the present government to give proof of the surgical strikes.” P. Chidambaram, former Home Minister.

“These kind of the strikes have taken place earlier also. What is happening now aged chest thumping by its Shah and people down the party line. Both Modi and Ajit Doval are war mongers.” Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh

“Every Indian wants a surgical strikes against Pak but not a fake one to extract just political benefits by BJP.” Congress politician Sanjay Nirupam

Their only locus standi is that they are blind followers of Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi who are tirelessly destroying the country’s oldest political party. These worthies pretend to believe Pakistan rather than the generals and government of their own country because that is the just way too discredit Modi. Chidambaram who was once India’s home Minister and considers himself the wisest of all in the Congress wants the present government to share military secrets. Digvijay Singh believes that he knows what others do not. Once he had openly said that he doubted if there was anything like Indian Mujahedeen. Like Digvijay Singh, Sanjay Nirupam is also a loose cannon. All of them make all sorts of loose remarks to remain in news. They are not alone in the Congress party. Perhaps, people have forgotten that not long ago during his visit to Pakistan, Mani Shankar Ayer of the Congress party had sought help of Pakistan to become Prime Minister of India. He had told some media persons in Pakistan that to improve relationship between India and Pakistan, they should support him to become Prime Minister of India! 

The irresponsible utterances of these failed politicians (they should not be called leaders because they do not have the capacity to lead) have upset vast majority of Indians and quite a few in the media. The armed forces must be feeling humiliated. We have seen and heard several agitated TV anchors grilling spokespersons of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the Congress and others.

In my opinion Kejriwal and likes have low mental level. Don’t they realise that they might be cheered in Pakistan but here in India they have made themselves objects of ridicule and hate? Don’t they know that they cannot go to Pakistan to fulfil their political ambitions and here they are eroding their own base? I hope, the voters of Punjab will snub Kejriwal and AAP and in 2020 the voters of Delhi will not repeat the mistake of handing over the reins of power to a reckless person who knows only to make promises and abuse others.

Meanwhile there is a limit beyond which the media persons cannot to shame them on TV channels or in the newspapers. The BJP leaders and other supporters of Narendra Modi must also be feeling helpless before such irresponsible politicians. 

I have a suggestion, mainly for the consideration of the media. 

Apart from the ‘surgical strike', Prime Minister Modi has successfully isolated the failed state called Pakistan in the world community. Only time will show whether Pakistan feels pressurised enough to amend its ways. It may not happen immediately but in the modern world no nation can afford to remain isolated for long. Pakistan has already lost its credibility.

Here in India, it is not possible to carry out any ‘surgical strike (in the sense in which it was carried out in the PoK) but ‘isolating’ irresponsible politicians can be more effective. They too have lost the credibility. The species called politicians cannot survive without publicity, good or bad. By printing their views on the newspapers and presenting them on the TV screens, even for shaming and condemning them, the media persons are keeping them relevant. Once they are ‘isolated’ i.e. neglected by the responsible section of the media, there will feel like fish out of water. Even if they do not change their mind, out of sight, they will be out of people’s mind.

The country is facing two problems: failed Pakistan in the neighbourhood and failed politicians within the country. There is a common solution: isolate them.

Two problems, one solution. Try it.

Devendra Narain
October 5, 2016

I have not included Om Puri, Mahesh Bhatt, Karan Johar and other irresponsible actors and producers of the film world because they are different species. Those who are highly impressed by the dialogues and acting of film actors must keep in mind that these characters speak dialogues written by somebody and act according to the directions of others. They shed tears, show love for the country and concern for the society on the screen because by doing so they earn name and fame. Off the screen they are quite different. On the screen, a highly respected actor Aamir Khan appeared as brand ambassador of Indian tourism. Off the screen, he considered India unfit to live in. Those of the film world who are more worried about Pakistani artists than about the sentiments of the Indian people are interested only in money. The people can show them their place by boycotting their films. A difficult but not an impossible task.

The media can help by not talking to these fellows and spreading the message to boycott their films. 

The biggest joke is that these unintelligent fellows want to be called intellectuals.

Devendra Narain
October 5, 2016


Surgical strike on black money has exposed irresponsible political parties of India. They are crying not for poor people of the country but because they have become poor. Wearer knows where shoe pinches.