Thursday, 11 August 2016

Uncle Sam, it is one of the greatest betrayals in history

 (Beyond Satire)

Dear Uncle Sam,

You know, I am a very simple, open-minded person. I do not mince words. Because of my simple nature, I do not hesitate to call ‘a spade a spade’. So let me come to the point straightway.

I never expected that of all the persons in the world you will betray me. This is the greatest betrayal in history, next only to Brutus’ betrayal of Caesar. I feel like crying “Et tu, Brute?

Everyone who has some knowledge of Indian history knows that I belong to a great tradition. Like Annie Besant and Mother Theresa, I too came from a rich  Western country to India to serve the poor. In fact, my mission was greater than theirs. After getting married to a great visionary Rajeev Gandhi – though most of the Indians had not seen the potential in him then – I realised how lucky I was that I would get opportunity to serve the poor of the world’s largest democracy and home to the largest number of poor. At that time no one knew that one day Rajeev would be Prime Minister or that I would become Congress President. Nor did I think of power and position. My sole aim was to serve the people.

When the time came and the members of the oldest and largest political party of the world’s largest democracy - a party that had enjoyed the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest human being in the past several centuries – requested me to lead them and to lead the country, I could not refuse. I had no personal ambition then and I have no personal ambition even now. I have never wanted anything for myself. I refused to be prime minister of the country, though it was offered to me twice.  I have no assets worth the name. I have only few thousand rupees in my bank account. I have no house of my own. I live in a modest rented house. I do not own any vehicle.

My life is an open book. I have dedicated my life to three great causes: to maintain the glorious tradition of the Nehru-Gandhi family; to keep India a secular country against all odds; and to make people of India well off. For that I have dedicated my son also to the country and he, in turn, has dedicated his life to the country. You know, in fact the whole world knows, that he has foregone worldly pleasures for the sake of the country.

To maintain India’s image as a secular country, I campaigned and will continue to campaign against all the enemies of secularism. For several years you too supported me in my campaign. I was so glad and grateful to you when you banned entry of the man, whom I consider greatest enemy of secularism, in your country. Those were also the days when all those who supported secularism became rich. My government allowed such people almost free access to the natural resources like coal unnecessarily buried underground and the resources created by modern science floating in the sky and popularly known as spectrum. Those glorious days will be recorded in golden letters in the history of India.

Unfortunately, the luck of the people of this country is also poor. Two years ago when I thought it was the time for my son to carry forward the glorious tradition of the family, a state level leader called Narendra Modi whom I had always considered greatest enemy of   secularism, jumped in the fray and spoiled the chances of my son, a national level leader by virtue of his birth in the great Nehru-Gandhi family. At that time I did not know that much bigger shocks were in store for me.

Yes, Uncle Sam, you have given me the biggest shock, something I had never expected. Overnight you changed side. President Obama became so chummy with Modi. I do not know what he saw in him. What is he? What is he before me? Only a prime minister. Not an emperor. Not a President. I know what a prime minister is. Twice I appointed prime minister of India who used to dance to my tune. I must confess, he too betrayed me. I had given him the seat to keep it warm for my son. As prime minister that man used to warn people against the present prime minister whom you are pampering so much today. As prime minister my nominee he went out of way to win your friendship and you too reciprocated. As prime minister he used to tell the whole world that my son was the most qualified person to be India’s next prime minister but he let me down when he led my great party to defeat. Neither my son nor I could guess that he was leading us to disaster.

Dear Uncle Sam, I was shocked to see on the TV channels that when the secularists and democrats of India, the people loyal to my son and me, were burning effigies of my Enemy No. 1, he was being cheered by the US Congressmen. They were paying standing ovation to the man whose entry was banned in the USA till recently. He is getting what is my son’s birth-right. What a betrayal! I will not be surprised if  tomorrow you are told by the CIA that he had planted his own men in the Congress to cheer him and pay standing ovation. Perhaps, the members of the US Congress followed those planted people out of courtesy.

What has happened to you people, Uncle Sam? Please do not forget that my son is still very young. He is much more intelligent, much more knowledgeable, much more pro-American and pro-West and much more handsome to look at than the man who has mesmerised you. He is rejuvenating the party and  we are leaving no stone unturned to discredit the present prime minister.  We will not allow the usrper - yes I consider the present prime minister an usurper because he deprived what was my son’s birth-right - to succeed. Luckily, we are not alone in this mission. Our friends from all quarters, left and right, up and down, are also making their contributions.  Even some of his own party men and allies, who have got disenchanted because they feel deprived, are helping us. Whatever he does to show that India is marching ahead, we will declare that everything is a lie and India in fact is going backward and will continue to go backward until my son becomes prime minister and I play the role of Queen Mother. I am sure a day will come when I will place crown on his head. What will be your reaction then, Uncle Sam?

Dear Uncle Sam, may I ask you, what will be your reaction after the greatest betrayal in history by none other than you?

                                                                     Yours, Should I still say, 

                                                                                            Yours faithfully?
                                                                                      You know who.

(As communicated to Devendra Narain on June 11, 2016, for onward transmission.)