Friday, 12 August 2016

Sonia Gandhi as Chief Minister of UP

(Beyond satire)

Priyanka Vadra has agreed to be a sacrificial lamb but my suggestion may please be considered by the matriarch of the oldest party of the country. Sonia Gandhi should become Chief Minister of UP. That is the only way to save Congress and Rahul Gandhi.

A brave lady

A mature Rahul

A smiling deputy

The only way to revive Congress is to project Sonaia Gandhi as the potential Chief Minister of UP.

According to media reports, Prashant Kishor (PK), the strategist par excellence who, many believe helped Narendra Modi become Prime Minister in 2014 and Nitish Kumar Chief Minister of Bihar in 2015 and has now accepted the challenge to prove himself the next assembly election in UP, has advised Madam Sonia Gandhi and the next in command, Rahul Gandhi, to adopt “disruptive strategy” if they want to win 200 and odd Assembly seats. The alternative, according to PK, is only 20 seats. I do not know why he has coined this term by which he means projecting Priyanka Vadra as the chief ministerial candidate of the Congress. He suggested her name because neither the Congress Vice President not the party was ready to lower Rahul’s status as a national leader. As far as public knowledge goes, Priyanka too is not ready.

There is no doubt that the stakes of the Congress are very high in UP. It is a question of do or die. It is now or never. The defeat in UP will seriously diminish the chances of snatching New Delhi from Narendra Modi in 2019 and the goal of making Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister of India may remain unfulfilled. The defeat of the Congress in UP assembly election will also seriously damaged the career of India’s first official professional poll-strategist. Naturally, PK is desperate.

Since neither Rahul Gandhi nor Priyanka Vadra is ready to listen to a desperate PK despite the stakes being so high, I have a suggestion for Madam Sonia Gandhi’s consideration. I, an ordinary citizen of this country, am mustering courage to give a suggestion because Madam is famous for making sacrifices for the sake of the country, the Congress party (which was handed over to her) and her son. I am suggesting 'mother of all disruptive strategies' that would enable Congress to get clear, if not absolute, majority.

My humble suggestion is that Congress should project Madam Gandhi as the chief ministerial candidate. Please do not be shocked. I have absolutely no intention to demean the powerful president of the oldest political party of the largest democracy of the world. There are examples. C. Rajgopalachari was Governor General of India before he opted to be Chief Minister of Madras (now Tamil Nadu).

If Madam is projected as the chief ministerial candidate, the entire Congress party throughout the country will be electrified. The political atmosphere in UP will be charged as never before. All Congress workers and all supporters of the Congress party will work hard to ensure her victory.

I again say that I have absolutely no intention of demeaning Madam. I very well remember that between 2004 and 2014, she was above even the Prime Minister of the largest democracy. I remember that in 2004 when the then President of India, Dr. Kalam, asked her to suggest a date convenient to her to be sworn in as the Prime Minister of India, she humbly declined and nominated Dr Manmohan Singh. She did so again in 2009, in the hope that the learned Doctor would hand over the reins of power in 2014 to Rahul Gandhi whom he (the learned Doctor) considered the most suitable Indian to be Prime Minister of India. The political analysts described her refusal to be Prime Minister as the height of political sacrifice by her. Unfortunately, the learned Doctor disappointed her. 

Now again it is time to make supreme sacrifice for the sake of the country, the party and the children, especially the son who has sacrificed pleasure of family life for the sake of the country. In my humble opinion and in the opinion of many, Madam Gandhi is the bravest political leader in India. Only she is capable of making supreme sacrifice for the sake of the nation and children. After all, parents make all sorts of sacrifices for the career of their children. Her becoming the Chief ministerial candidate is definitely a great sacrifice but imagine the advantages. I can list a few:

· As I have said earlier, it will electrify the Congress workers throughout the country. The party workers and supporters will leave no stone unturned to ensure her victory.

· This will make a world news. Throughout the world she will be cheered for making one more great sacrifice to save democracy.

· If she wins the election and becomes the Chief Minister of the most populous state of the country, which is bigger than several countries of the world, she will be the most powerful Chief Minister.

If my suggestion is accepted, I would like to make two more suggestions. Rahul Gandhi should be made Congress President so that Madam is free to devote her full time and energy to UP election. My other suggestion is that Priyanka Vadra, to be officially called Priyanka Gandhi Vadra (the magic is in the name ‘Gandhi’), should be projected as the Deputy Chief Minister. I am suggesting Madam Vadra’s name because she is a charming lady. Sonia Gandhi rarely smiles; Priyanka smiles most of the time. Her face as future deputy Chief Minister will add to the enthusiasm of party workers.

Imagine the scenario if the strategy succeeds.

· Madam Sonia Gandhi is Chief Minister of the most populous state of India and the potential Prime Minister of India.

· Rahul Gandhi is Congress President and the potential Prime Minister of India.

· Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is the Deputy Chief Minister of the most populous state of India.

· As Chief Minister of UP, she will be a greater threat to Narendra Modi than she is today. She will be far ahead of Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee in making Modi’s life difficult.

· After serving as Chief Minister of the largest state of the country for two years, she will become powerful enough to challenge Narendra Modi and BJP in 2019 general election. Her chances of leading the Congress to victory will definitely be much more than what one can imagine today. There is every possibility that she will lead her party to victory.

· If she wins the general election in 2019, she can either take over as Prime Minister or make her political successor Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister of India. Alternatively, she can keep the prime ministership for some time. During the period, Rahul Gandhi, as have Cabinet colleague would be trained and prepared for the ultimate goal.

According to Sharad Pawar, the shrewd politician, Rahul Gandhi has matured. I am sure, by 2019 he will be more mature.

Imagine the scenario in 2019.

· Narendra Modi returns to Gujarat to lead a retired life.

· Madam Sonia or Rahul Gandhi is Prime Minister of India.

· Or, Rahul Gandhi is first Deputy Prime Minister and then Prime Minister of India.

· Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is Deputy Prime Minister of India.

· Witch hunt started by the NDA Government comes to an end. All cases against Robert Vadra are dropped. All enquiries into the so-called scams come to an end. Everybody feels relieved. Forget 'Make in India'. It is once again time to get rich in India. Forget 2G. Forget its powerful successors, 3G and 4G. Now, 5G is round the corner. Despite all the hype created by Modi about green energy, 'black gold' remains very attractive. There are many new opportunities. "Happy days are here again."

· India’s image as a “Secular Socialist Republic” is restored.  The people re-learn that the Hindu fundamentalists and the Gujarat government formed with their support were responsible for burning of train in Godhra, riots in Gujarat in 2002, explosion in Samjhauta Express, murder of an innocent girl called Ishrat Jahan, and so on.

· PK is awarded Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award, for his historic contribution to democracy, socialism, secularism, and, above all, the Nehru-Gandhi family. (The only danger is that the Democrats and Republicans of America will start fighting to grab him and India may lose him.)

I appeal to Madam Sonia Gandhi, Shri Rahul Gandhi, Madam Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and all their well-wishers and well-wishers of the country and the party to consider my suggestion seriously. For the sake of democracy. For the sake of secularism. For the sake of the oldest party of the country. For the sake of the great family which has done so much for the country and can do much more.

       Please remember PK's warning: the alternative is only 20 seats.

      Fate of the country is linked to the fate of the Congress and fate of the Congress is linked to the fate of the family.

         The readers are requested to spread the message in larger public interest.

Devendra Narain

June 2, 2016 

Note: Some Google+ communities do not tolerate any criticism of or satire on Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. Any attack on Narendra Modi is welcome.


On December 10, Sheila Dikshit, Congress Chief Ministerial candidate, has announced that "I would love to step aside if Priyanka Gandhi is the candidate." 

Very gracious of her indeed! What she is actually trying to say that 'Please spare me. Let Priyanka be blamed for defeat.'