Sunday, 7 August 2016

Meet 3 AKs of India

Beyond satire

3 AKs of India are in news.

AK3 is afraid of AK2. AK2 is afraid of Modi. AK1 is afraid of unnamed enemy. All the three are worried about ‘conspiracy’. Do they think, India has become a ‘conspiratorial’ state?

Once upon a time we knew of only one   AK –    Azam Khan – in Indian politics.  He is a socialist, a member of the Samajwadi Party to be more precise, though he does not don the party’s trademark cap.   He is known by his own brand of cap.  He is also known for his love for   buffaloes.  No one knows it better than UP police. He knows how to remain in news. He also knows that he is indispensable to the party supremo, Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Then appeared on the political horizon another AK –  Arvind Kejriwal -  younger but more  ambitious and dashing.   He designed his own cap and perhaps got it patented.   From day one he made it known that whoever  dons that cap  must be considered honest. Like  AK1, AK2 also knows  how to remain in news   But he is far ahead of AK1. Unlike AK1, soon after his political birth, AK2  announced  his political goal, to replace  Narendra Modi.

Then we heard of a third AK– Asim Khan, former minister in the second AK’s Cabinet–who was shining in the reflected glory of the second AK until the latter sacked him because he (AK3) believed that  after  donning the AK cap, nobody would know that he was trying to get richer quickly.

Of late, I have discovered something common  to all the three AKs.  They know something which others do not.  You can say that because of their inside knowledge all of them share a common concern, known as  ‘conspiracy’. Each one of them thinks that  some conspiracy is going on either to finish them or their party.

The  first AK  has announced that that  the gang rape in Bulandshahr was a “political conspiracy”. He has not named a new one, but left it to the people to guess who could be hatching the ‘political conspiracy’.

Before that  the second AK  had announced at  an one-man show before  video camera  that “I want to tell you, this is a crucial period.  The fight is going to get very dirty. He (Narendra Modi) can go to any extent and may get us killed.  Modi may get me killed as well.  Talk to your families and see if you are ready for the ultimate sacrifice.  All the MLAs will anyway have to go to jail. If you are ready then stay with us or if you have any weaknesses, then leave.”

We must appreciate that threat from anyone other  than Narendra Modi could be below AK2’s standard.

AK2 gave an idea to AK3. He (AK3)  called a press conference  and announced: "For 9 to 10 months, I have been facing death threats and even my family is at risk... Kejriwal and some of his party men are hatching a conspiracy to get me killed."  

He must be really very much afraid because he took so many months to  make his fear public.

Wait and watch.  This is not the end of  shots being fired  by AK123 because, in their opinion, Indian politics has become very dangerous, very ‘conspiratorial’.

Devendra Narain
August 3, 2015

Note: Some Google+ community moderators do not tolerate any criticism of or satire on Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. Any attack on Narendra Modi is welcome.