Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Lok Sabha: Don't disturb, Rahul Gandhi is thinking while sleeping

 Lok Sabha: Don't disturb, Rahul Gandhi is thinking

God's special gift to India, Rahul Gandhi caught sleeping in the Lok Sabha (lower house of Indian Parliament)  during debate on attack on dalits in Gujarat. According to Congress he was giving "rest' to his eyes. Whatever he was doing he was doing in style.

When there is no noise, perhaps this is the best place for siesta.

There is always a brighter side.

Ultimately an answer to chaos and impasse in Indian Parliament has been found.

Rahul Gandhi  has issued a whip to his party MPs  not to disturb him when he is in the state of deep thinking for the future of democracy, secularism and development of India. Better, they should also sit with their eyes closed and think about his future. They need not worry about the country's future; that should be left to his mother and him.

Expect Parliament to pass all pending bills, GST included.